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The “Karpylivka Online” project is free of advertisement and needs funding for its existence and reaching own mission’s goals as well.

Who we are

This project was started in September of 2014 by Iaroslav, author and present moderator of karpylivka.rv.ua. By now project has united other local activists of Sarny area and is developing futher.

Our mission and goals

To survey common history of all people of Sarny area. In this direction a lot was done particulary about Karpylivka village, but in Ukrainian language primarily (see category “History”). We are planning extend field of futher surveys and publish them in English and Polish as well. Creating resource sema.karpylivka.rv.ua is a first step in this direction.

To inform local communities of Sarny area about best practices in local governing (international as well, see publications on sol.rv.ua). Kickstart of zarichchia.blogspot.com is an example of work in this field.

To develop “Karpylivka Online” as a platform for joining and sharing individual experience, efforts and enthusiasm for improving individual’s living space. Up to this day we were able to create network of enthusiasts with same purposes to change their neighborhood and area for better.

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